Calendar 2018

You are cordially invited to attend any of the Events listed below: Some Events have Ticket that must be purchased, other Events may be Free.

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Vero Beach Forum

Prophetic Women's Forum, Vero Beach.


Black Women's Roundtable Summit

Annual Black Women's Roundtable Summit: Orlando, FL at the Second Harvest Food Bank.


Prophetic Women's Forum: Ft. Pierce

Prophetic Women's Forum: Fort Pierce, FL.

JAN 12018

Happy New Year!!

Prayer & Fasting 2019!!

JAN 202018

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Goals and Events!.

JAN 212018

Annual Report

PWVI Report.

FEB 132018

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Feb 212018

Black History Month

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March 22018

Prophetic Women's Forum

Prophetic Women's Forum:

March 142017

6th Annual Black Women's Roundtable

Virginia Washington D.C.

March 252017


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April 92018

Happy Birthday Ambassador Deanna Smith

Happy Birthday Celebration

APRIL 162018

Happy Resurrection Day.

Happy Easter with Family & Friends.

April 222017

Love Me Luncheon: Host Karin Dennis

PWVI Love Me Luncheon, Sanford, FL 655 W. Fulton Suite 5.

MAY 112018

Happy Mother's Day

Celebrate or Remember Your Mother on this Occasion.

MAY 272018

PWVI Women Florida Coalition Rights Restoration

Ovedio, FL.

JUNE17 2018

Black Youth Vote!

Summer Gospel Celebration Hosted by; State Youth Representative Marion Harriel

JUNE 24 2018

Prophetic Women Voices Forums

1401 N.E Park Street State Road 70 OKEECHOBEE FLORIDA 34972.

July 8 2018

Pastor Deanna Smith Host: Overseer Sharon Patterson Anniversary

2400 Chase Ave. Getting Your House In Order Sanford, FL 32771

July20 2018

Florida Rights Restoration Coalition Conference

Desmond Meade hosts: Rosen Hotel, International Dr. Orlando, FL

JULY 282018

West Palm Beach

Co-Pastor Linda Hudson

JULY 292018


Pastor Noel Williams.

AUGUST 8 2018

TBA Event

TBA Event

AUG. 192018

Prophetic Women's Forum

Prophetic Women's Voice Forum: Tallahassee Area Leaders and Delegates

AUG 292017


TBD Forum.

OCT 8 2018


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OCT 272018

Annual Summit

Port St. Lucie: Annual Summit

OCT 282017

Black Women's Roundtable Summit (Treasure Coast)

HOST: Pastor Deanna Smith, Co-Convener Wise Track

Nov. 8 2018

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Special Event

NOV. 182018

Daytona Beach, International Speedway

Pastor Plummer

NOV. 29 2018


Thanks for Family & Friends.

DEC. 22017

Pompano Beach Forum

Prophetic Forum: Pompano Beach, FL

DEC. 252017

Merry Christmas!!

Happy Holidays with Family and Friends!.

DEC. 312017

New Years Eve!!

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